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June 27

Mike in East Texas!

After fooling with KRLD’s podcast distribution I did get it to down load, but it wasn’t a nice download that set it up and gave the MP3 an appropriate name.

Here’s what I did:

I clicked on the link that opens the podcast player and let it actually start.

I click the download arrow which opens  a page with the following title:

Y2BX_3.MP3 (audio/mpeg Object)

Click on File ( Alt+F)

You’ll get a “Save As” window

In the “Save As” window it will have Y2BX_3.MP3, change that name to something you remember.¬† Then click “Save”

It will save an MP3 on your Windows machine.




June 20

Mike in East Texas!

Obama’s Unspoken Re-Election Edge – SHELBY STEELE

June 15

Sit Rep with Jess Johnson

I’ve been trying to find Jess’s Facebook account but I’ve had no luck. There is a VettoVet page.

I’ve found Charley’s Facebook page but you have to have a Facebook account to look at the articles he’s posting.

June 13

Mike in East Texas!

June 6

Mike in East Texas!