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Gardening on a 10’X 30′ concrete patio

Nov 18, 2017

So here is what I’ve found:

Big D’s Talk, KBDT 1160 AM, Dallas-Fort Worth, TX | Free Internet …

Big D’s Talk – News, Talk, Sports.

In looking for a possible other Facebook page I found this:


When I clicked on the Charley Jones link it went to the FB page I’ve already posted.

Mick Williams has been posting all the good news but I didn’t know to follow him!

















Nov 17, 2017

Got a post on the About page that Charley has a new show!!

You can now listen to Charley at USA Radio Network. The network has been bought as is being rebuilt in a big way. While under construction, listen via the Tune In app (search KDBT 1160 AM, the new Network Flagship station) Monday thru Friday – 11 PM – 2 AM & again 2AM – 5 AM. Join his Charley Jones Overnight Facebook page to access podcasts and special bonuses.

I’m friends with him on FB and didn’t see any notification of the new broadcast.  So I’m actually not clear on whether this is the old FB page:

or a new one.


August 4th, 2017

I haven’t seen any new updates on Charley’s Facebook page.  I also don’t think there is a twitter feed.  If anyone knows different please leave me a post.

July 2, 2017

Charley was laid off by KRLD.   I miss his lovely voice!

Here is a link to a recent post I received on the About page:


Here is a link to the FaceBook page:

July 9

Mike in East Texas

Oh my!  It’s Mike’s last show for the foreseeable future!!!

We’ll miss you Mike!!


July 2

Mike in East Texas

June 25

Mike in East Texas

June 18

No Mike in East Texas ….
He has food poisoning!
Get well soon!

June 11

Mike in East Texas

June 5

Mike in East Texas