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June 15

Sit Rep with Jess Johnson

I’ve been trying to find Jess’s Facebook account but I’ve had no luck. There is a VettoVet page.

I’ve found Charley’s Facebook page but you have to have a Facebook account to look at the articles he’s posting.


January 31

Mike in East Texas!

I heard Larry in Afghanistan also….Larry is in this Ustream.tv archive.

January 12

Sit Rep with Jess Johnson

December 8

Mst Sgt. Jess Johnson!

October 6

Jess Johnson!

August 30

Mike in East Texas

The Ustream.tv archive. Length 113:40

AP – Beck: Help us restore traditional American values

AFP – US conservatives rally to ‘restore America’

WSJ – Rally Funnels Anger Toward Washington

Salon.com – At Glenn Beck rally, strong but vague feelings

CBSnews.com – Glenn Beck: “Something Beyond Imagination is Happening”

EPA.gov – EPA Denies Petition Calling for Lead Ammunition Ban

Book – The Beast in the Garden: The True Story of a Predator’s Deadly Return to Suburban America

ISBN-13: 978-0393326345

Book – The Population Bomb
ISBN-13: 978-0891908616

Larry in Afghanistan calls in! (around 3:44am)
Thanks for your service Larry.